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The Shutterbug’s Camera Group meets on the third Thursday of each month, from February to November at 10.00 am in the Senior’s Centre hall. Each month we have a themed project, to which members can bring along their prints for comment and display. Other meeting activities may include workshops, talks, Q & A sessions, exhibitions and much more. We also hold photographic outings to various locations around Canberra and district.

If you enjoy taking pictures, the group is a great way to share your work and meet others with a similar interest. The Shutterbug’s Camera Group provides a warm and friendly atmosphere where experienced and inexperienced members can share their interest in photography. Beginners and advanced photographers are all welcomed to our meetings.

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Next Meeting – 15 April 2021

Our next meeting will be held on 15 April starting at 10.00am. This will be a self help group meeting. Members are invited to bring along their cameras and questions. Maybe there is some aspect of their camera’s operation they are not too sure about or what does this setting do? Hopefully one or more of the members maybe able to help. Members can also mention any bits of photographic news, exhibitions viewed and/or trivia they may wish to share. Norm will mention an excellent how to photographic book he recently came across and Steve will be talking about his recent adventure photographing the RAAF 100th birthday fly past.

Our March project theme is Clouds.



Members can submit up to six prints for comment and display.

Our meeting will wrap up with a cuppa and a chat.

April 2021 Project:


Monthly Project Calendar

Members can submit up to six prints of any size but preferably 7 x 5 inches minimum. We don’t have formal definitions for our monthly projects, leaving it up to members to interpret it any way they wish. Our group does not hold competitions. Members can exhibit their prints on the hall’s walls for viewing by all club members. Special mounting frames are provided. Prints can also be submitted for inclusion on our web page member’s gallery slide shows.

2021 Monthly Themes

  • February – Looking Up. Looking Down
  • March – Water/Rocks
  • Apri – Clouds
  • May – Autumn Colours
  • June – Stay at Home
  • July – Architecture
  • August – Close Up/Macro
  • September – Flora/Fauna
  • October – Fire/Steam/Smoke
  • November – Your Choice 2021

February 2021 Project:

Looking Up – Looking Down

Recent Events

February 2021 Meeting

The theme for our monthly project for February was “Looking Up Looking Down – A Bird’s Eye View or a Worm’s Eye View”. Members submitted their prints for viewing and discussion. The prints were then mounted in our special frames and placed on the hall wall for fellow club members to view.

Norm presented his regular monthly items of photographic quotes and trivia (see below). Mention was made of the current photographic exhibition at the National Museum – “A Portrait of Australia – Stories Through the Lens of Australian Geographic”. Entry is free and the exhibition finishes on 8 March.

We took a look at a video showing some unusual and stunning shots of water which is part of our project theme for march – “Water/Rocks”.

Steve gave us one of his excellent presentations, this time on a basic introduction to filters. This lead to a number of questions and further discussions. A pdf copy of his slides can be found below in the links section.

The morning ended with a cuppa and discussions amongst members on all things photographic.

Our trivia item for the month:  The most viewed photograph of all time belongs to “Bliss”. The default wallpaper for Microsoft’s XP. The photo was capture by Charles Rear in 1996. Microsoft bought the image from a stock site called Corbic and Charles didn’t make much money from it.


November 2020 Project:


November 2020 Meeting

Our November meeting was our final get together for the year. Our quote for the month came from Jay Maisel “If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you’re not out there, you’ll only hear about them”. For our photographic item of trivia, we took a look at the first ever colour photograph which was taken over 150 years ago. The subject appears to be a piece of jewellery and was produced by layering three separate photo sensitive plates, Thomas Sutton, who was an inventor and photographer, came up with the process and is also credited for being the inventor of the first SLR camera.

Fellow Shutterbug’s member, Steve Walmsley, presented a slide show he had produced showing the painting of the murals which now feature on two of the club’s external walls. We took a look at our prints for this month’s project “Your Choice 2020”. Our favourite photos taken during the year. We then grabbed our cameras and headed outside for a workshop on dynamic range and histograms. Next was a discussion on what themes we would adopt for next year’s monthly projects. A list can be found under our Monthly Project section further down the page. Finally, it was a cuppa and a chat to finish up the year for us..

October 2020 Project: