If you don’t own a smartphone or you’re unable to download or use the Check In CBR app, you can now apply for a Check In CBR card.

This card contains a unique QR code which can be scanned at all businesses and venues across the ACT that currently accept the Check In CBR app.

Checking in will be faster, easier and with more privacy as there is no need for venue staff to manually enter a customer’s details.

Applying for a Check In CBR card is a quick and simple process and can be done on behalf of an individual if they are unable to do so.

Apply for a Check In CBR card

If you are unable to apply for a Check In CBR card online, please contact the ACT Health Digital Solutions Support team on (02) 5124 5000 for assistance.

If you are unable to check in on public transport, please ensure that you have a registered MyWay card or keep good records of the services you have used.


The app has been upgraded to include a new exposure location alert and everyone is encouraged to update their app at the relevant app store to ensure they are using the latest version.

The added exposure alert directly notifies users who have check-ins that match an exposure location during the relevant date and timeframe via SMS or push notification, by messages on the home screen’s message bar, and with coloured identifiers in the check-in history page.

The app will indicate if they’re a close or casual contact so that they can quarantine and get a COVID test, or if they need to monitor for symptoms.

ACT Government COVID-19 website.