Events for 26 February 2021

500 Cards

Banksia Room Gumnut Cottage, Greenway

This card game is popular in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and is similar to Hearts and Euchre.


Grevillea Room Gumnut Cottage, Greenway

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game, played by four people around a square table.

Bridge – Improvers

Grevillea Room Gumnut Cottage, Greenway

Playing bridge has many advantages. It develops and trains the skills of logic, planning, problem solving, memory and arithmetic. It also provides opportunities for social interactions between like-minded people, often resulting in valuable exchanges of general information, and the formation of friendships that are life-long.


Parkview Hall Tuggeranong Seniors Centre, Greenway

Yoga – Instructor: Sue Gair The practice of yoga has many different styles and methods. Sue is IYTA trained to level 2 (advanced) teaching. IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association) teaches and promotes Hatha Yoga. Yoga helps to manage many conditions including arthritis, blood pressure, stress [...]

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