Welcome back to Club activities

The following guidelines have been written to help us all do the right thing and to help us help each other.

  • Please do not come to the Club if you are not well.
  • Please bring with you: 1 – a pen; 2 – a cushion; 3 – if required, correct money for activities (there will not be change available)
  • The Club is introducing the following: 1 – Prepaid voucher (5 sessions) for activities; 2 – Booking System for Exercise classes
  • The Club will be providing hand sanitiser, cleaning caddies in all rooms for your convenience and use, before, during and after activities

Please adhere to hygiene protocols as per Entry to Building Conditions:

1. On arrival you will be required to sign a daily building attendance sheet with your name and contact no. There will be clearly defined designated areas as you enter either building (TSC or Gumnut). This is a mandatory government direction and is separate from the already established signing on Club procedure. Please note that the back entry for Gumnut Cottage will no longer be accessible while this registration is required.

2. Before activity sign activity sheet (using own pen) and place correct money in container provided. 3. Social Distancing remains at 1.5mtrs and all rooms will be set up accordingly. Each room will have maximum person no. sign placed near its entry.

3. Tea Breaks will still occur, but each group will need to designate one person who will be on ‘kitchen duty’. The urns for both buildings are to be filled on arrival and placed outside the kitchen area – (TSC on a trolley in the hall / Gumnut on benches at either end of kitchen). Tea and coffee will still be provided but we require you to bring your own food if needed. The kitchens are not to be used by anyone but the designated person within each activity.

4. After activity, clean all surfaces you have used with cleaning equipment provided. There will be rubbish bins in all rooms, for your convenience.

While these measures will take a bit of getting used to, please remember that we are all part of the solution to keep everyone safe and healthy, and that our responsibility is not only to ourselves but to others as well.